6 Ways to Tell Her “I Love You” Even Without Actually Telling Her “I Love You”


1. Laugh at ALL her jokes.

There is nothing that tells your mamacita "I love you" more than your laughing at all her jokes; and I mean “ALL”, however bad they sound! It doesn’t matter even if she forgot that you've heard the same jokes a thousand times before. This way, she will feel that you love and appreciate her always.

2. Help her heal a childhood loss or hurt.

One of the most powerful things you can do to your girl is to just listen to her loss or hurt story and follow up on your concern for what happened with a big hug and a re-assuring “it is okay Dear, it is over now”.

3. Do some bedtime cuddling quite often.

This quite easy-to-do love gesture helps you to sustain a long-term romantic connection with your woman. Even if each of you needs – and often uses – their own bed space for sleeping, it is recommended that you just touch each other for say 15 minutes before each of you goes to their side of the bed.

And by the way, lovers or spouses who engage in this cuddling activity also do enjoy healthier sex lives.

4. Snuggle up closer to your chiq whenever watching TV or relaxing together in the living room.

Though sitting across the living room away from one another in separate chairs may often be comfortable for you, it may not always be fulfilling to your heart, but more so to your partner’s.

Snuggle up closer to each other to keep each other warm and much more comfortable.

5. Try to go above and beyond what she expects of you quite often.

Every now and then, you should make grand gestures to your woman; it is a wonderful way to say “I love you” even without it actually coming out of your mouth. Be keen to study her as you live together and know what she loves to do, where she loves to go, or what kind of gifts she loves. Then surprise her with something beyond these quite often.

Performing an extraordinary thing for your girl helps you create cherished memories for the two of you as a couple.

6. Be always extra-considerate with her.

Always remember to use words like "please", “I am sorry” and "thank you". Also, effortless deeds like opening the door for her, helping her put on a coat or leaving a little love note in her pocket are some of the other little things that will show how much you love her without even voicing it.

Doing these 6 things on a day-to-day basis will work wonders for your relationship. Just start doing them today and see how happy your romantic life can be.